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Please read this Proposal (contract, agreement proposal) carefully!

You cannot enter into an EV Charger User Agreement if you do not concur with at least one of its provisions.

User Agreement for EV Chargers

(public proposal)

Baku city, Issue date 11.12.2022

With the current public proposal (hereinafter referred to as the Proposal), the Operator whose name and details are mentioned in the Operator Details Section, hereinafter referred to as the User, will enter into an EV Charger user agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) proposed to be concluded with the following terms and conditions.

Definitions of key terms

User: A party to the Agreement who agrees to pay for the temporary usage of the EV Charger in accordance with its provisions.

Operator – The owner or other legal owner of the EV Chargers or the authorized representative of these persons who provides the EV Chargers for temporary use to the users on a paid basis.

Plug – The part of chargers that are attached to the vehicle

EV Charger – EV Charger for electric cars and vehicles Application – when using the EV charger, download via AppStore ( and/or Google Play ( and/or AppGallery ( the application designed to register a knowledgeable User, search on the EV Charger map, manage settings and obtain necessary information.

Private cabinet – a closed section of the Site or Application that contains the User's personal data and information regarding the User's interaction with and use of the services purchased from the Operator.

Site – website with the URLs or

Framework agreement – an agreement concluded between the Operator and the User, which includes the terms specified in the current Proposal.

Agreement – the Agreement concluded between the Operator and the User, including the terms of the Framework Agreement specified in the Proposal and the terms expressing and clarifying the framework contract specified on the Site.

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. The Operator undertakes to provide the User with an EV Charger for temporary use at his request in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

1.2. To enable the use of EV chargers, the Operator grants the User the right to use the application free of charge.

1.3. This Proposal text contains the terms of the Framework Agreement. The User concludes the Framework Agreement in the manner prescribed by Section 2, by accepting the Proposal in accordance with Section.

1.4. Conditions specifying and clarifying this Framework Agreement, including a detailed description of the process of using the EV Charger, the price of the Agreement, possible discounts on payment, technical requirements of the User for using the equipment and/or software Application are posted on the Site by the Operator before the conclusion of the Agreement. The specified information is an integral part of the Agreement. The User confirms that he has read the information specified before concluding the Agreement, understands its content and agrees with it. The User concludes the Agreement by performing the actions specified in the section 3.

1.5. The Operator is entitled to involve a third parties in the execution of the Agreement at his discretion without the prior consent of the User.

2. Procedure for concluding the Framework Agreement (acceptance of the Proposal)

2.1. The User must accomplish the following in order to conclude an Agreement of accepting the Proposal

: Fill in the registration form indicating the phone number, e-mail address, and password to be used to access the User's Personal Account in the Application;

· a verification code must confirm the use of the phone number registered for the User by receiving an email or SMS message;

·the User must read the terms of this Agreement and put a check mark in front of the words "I have read and accept the terms of the Energy Charger Use Agreement and agree to the processing of my personal data under the conditions set forth in the Agreement".

· Press the "Create" button.

2.2. Acceptance of the Proposal means the whole set of the above actions of the User.

2.3. The User guarantees that he has provided complete and correct information, including his e-mail address, a registered mobile phone number, a bank card issued to his name or an Apple pay / Google pay / AppGallery account linked to his phone number.

2.4. The Operator does not bear responsibility for the User's use of someone else's personal information, payment information (bank cards, Apple pay / Google payment accounts), is not obliged to establish correspondence between the User's identity and the personal and contact information provided by him.

2.5. If there are disputes on establishing ownership of the information specified by the User, the Operator refers to bona fide actions taken by him to provide personal data of the User, a bank card that he owns, information about the contact phone

3. Instructions for using the EV charger

Searching for a charger

3.1. The location of EV Chargers, information regarding the availability of the Charger, pre-booking of the Charger, are available in the User's Personal Account in the "Stations" section.

3.2. In order to specify the correct information, the User needs to select the type of plug for the EV Charger from the list offered by the Application/Site, and provide access to the stationary Internet and geolocation services on the device to which the Personal Account is linked.

Start of charging

3.3. In order to start the charging You need to follow the steps in the instructions specified in the Personal Account or on the Charger screen, that is:-

Take the appropriate EV Charger Plug and insert it into the correct place of your vehicle Plug

- In the mobile application, select "QR Code" in the upper left corner in the "Stations" section and scan the QR Code next to the corresponding EV Charger Plug, or enter the Station number manually;

- Enter the details of the bank card through which the payment for the use of the EV Charger will be made in the corresponding field on the input screen of the bank card information or use Apple pay / Google pay by selecting this payment method on the payment method selection screen;

- Wait for the Charger's response (Your Vehicle will start charging);

The Operator is not responsible for the User's EV Charger number, bank card data, the selection of the appropriate indicator for the User's mobile device, the correct transfer of the User's bank card data to third parties (including assistance in filling in bank card data for additional or other purposes).

3.4. After connecting the Plug to your vehicle, the green light will start flashing if the EV Charger is transmitting power. Due to the fact that the equipment communicates with the Mobile application via the Internet, the process may take from a few seconds to 5 minutes. The User can monitor the charging process through the mobile application or the Charger screen.

3.5. If the usage process fails to start for any reason, please contact the hotline and report the issue.

3.6. The service life (use) of the EV Charger is calculated from the moment the User receives the EV Charger and ends when the EV Charger is returned to the Operator or by closing the order via contacting the Support Service. The moment of returning the EV Charger to the Operator is specified in accordance with the "Return of the Power Bank" section of the Agreement.

Use of the EV Charger

3.7. The User shall use the EV Charger in accordance with its designated purpose and shall not make any structural or other changes to the EV Charger, and shall not give the EV Charger to third parties for use.

3.8. The EV Charger has several plug options for different vehicles. The user independently chooses the right Plug to supply the car with electricity.

3.9. If the indicator lights go out while your car is charging, this could be caused by the lights going out on the common line. Please contact the hotline,

3.10. When connecting the Plug to your vehicle, make sure there is no liquid in the Plug slot of your vehicle,

3.11. After the electric vehicle is charged fully or to the desired level, it is necessary to stop charging,

Safety precautions when using the EV Charger

3.12. There is high voltage at the Charger Plug.

3.13. It is strictly forbidden to:

- Remove the outer layer of the Plug,

- Disassemble the Plug,

- Puncture the Plug,

- Place the Plug in water,

- Expose the Plug to open fire,

- Interfere with the EV Charger,

- Touching the cables of the EV Charger with a cutting, piercing or any sharp instrument,

- Disconnect the Plug directly from the vehicle during charging without stopping the service,

3.14. The Operator hereby declares and the User understands and accepts that improper use/misuse of the EV Charger may endanger the life and health of the User, third parties, and animals. The user understands and accepts that he/she has been informed of the safety precautions while using the EV Charger and is responsible for his/her actions.

3.15. After using the EV Charger, the User is obliged to return the Plug to its place, and the User will be liable to pay 0.1AZN for every minute that the Plug is not returned to its place, regardless whether charging has been completed or not.

Finishing of charging

3.16. The User shall insert the Plug used by the User on a relevant order bases back into the into the equipment.

3.17. You can stop charging via the mobile Application, through the Charger screen, or by selecting “Stop Charging” on your vehicle screen. 

3.18 Only after that disconnect the Plug from your vehicle and insert it back into its slot on the equipment. (If you have not inserted the Plug to its slot, 0.1 AZN will be charged to your Card for every minute regardless of whether you have finished charging or not.

3.19 The Plug Socket is located on the cable side of the Equipment and its name is marked on it.

3.20 Following the return of the Plug, a notification indicating that the Power charging is finished will appear on the Charger screen as well as the mobile Application.

3.21 Parking in front of the Charger is allowed to be used only during charging in order to allow other electric vehicles to use the Charger after the charging is completed.

3.21. If the Charger or the Plug is damaged, the User shall be held liable under the terms of the Agreement and the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

4. Agreement price and payment procedure

4.1. The price of the Agreement is defined as the cost of using the EV Charger during a selected time interval according to the tariff established for the specific Charger.

4.2. The price for each kV of used energy and for one hour of the time interval specified in the tariff for using the EV Charger is established at 0.26 AZN. If the energy transmission stops due to the full charging of the vehicle batteries, setting a limit on charging, for any other reason, the amount of 0.1 AZN is calculated for every minute that the Plug is not returned to its slot. The price change may be carried out with an indication on the Website/EV Charger without prior notice by the company. The Operator is entitled to assign the maximum amount of use for each session for the EV Charger.

4.3. The Operator has the right to check the validity of the User's bank card by freezing/excluding from the block the amount on the bank card account in an amount not exceeding the cost of the EV Charger specified in Article 7.2 If the User does not have the necessary funds to validate the card, the Operator has the authority to refuse to start the Energy recharge. All payments under the Agreement shall made by withdrawing funds from the User's bank card, the details of which are indicated in the User's personal account. Such payments do not require additional confirmations by the User

4.4. Payment is possible by using bank cards of payment systems specified in the User's Personal Account and equipped with the İnternet payment function.

4.5. Payments are made through the Collection System. When paying for a service through the collection system, the terms of transfer of payment, the terms of payment transfer (including the receipt and amount of commission for payment) are determined by the rules of the specified system. The user shall confirm that he is aware of and accepts the rules before proceeding with payment..

4.6. The Operator is entitled to refuse to start the Energy recharge to the User or to start the Energy recharge with subsequent withdrawal of the debt from the User's bank card if the User fails to provide accurate bank card information with a positive balance when starting to use the EV Charger.

4.7. Payment for the use of the Charger is made in advance. The amount of energy used and its total price are displayed in the User's Personal Account.

4.8. The User uses EV Chargers by increasing his balance in the mobile application, and the amount will be deducted from his balance in subsequent sessions or from the presented bank card for each session.

4.9. According to the results of withdrawing money from the User's bank card, the user can make a special request to send a document confirming the payment to the User's e-mail address supplied during registration. By entering the Sessions section in the mobile Application, the User can view the payment history for the last one year or the last 100 sessions.

4.10. If the payment cannot be canceled due to insufficient funds on the bank card, incorrect entry of bank card data, expiry of the bank card's validity period and other reasons, the Operator informs the User about this by e-mail with a message in the Personal Account. The Operator is entitled to inform the User regarding the need to pay the charge for using the EV Charger through the phone number supplied during registration.

4.11. The User shall be charged for using the Charger in the amount specified in Article 7.4 of this Agreement until the Plug is re-inserted into its slot on the Charger.

4.12. The Operator is entitled to withdraw the amount of the calculated debt from the User's bank card at any time before the User returns the Plug, the moment the User eliminates the facts preventing the withdrawal of money.

4.13. If the User fails to remove the obstacles for the payment within 24 hours from the moment when the User is notified that it is not possible to withdraw the payment, then the Operator is entitled to cancel the Agreement and the Framework Agreement by blocking the User's access to the Personal Account and limiting the possibility of using another EV Charger later.

4.14. If the User returns the Plug before the Paid Period has expired, recalculation does not occur Automatically, however the User has the right to send an application to the Operator with a request to return part of the payment for the unused period. The Operator is entitled to calculate the specified amount against the fulfillment of the User's obligations towards the Operator.

4.15. The Operatoris entitled to involve agents and other persons providing intermediary services in the process of receiving payments.

5. Duration of the Agreement

5.1. The framework agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

5.2. The duration of the Agreement (the duration of continuous use of an EV Charger) is determined at the moment when the Plug is returned to the slot or the order is closed by contacting the Support Service.

6. Other rights and obligations of the Parties

6.1. The User can change the e-mail address and password specified during registration by contacting the Support Service or by e-mail.

6.2. The User is obliged to keep the login and password confidential through which access to the User's Personal Account can be obtained. If the username and/or password is lost or there is reason to believe that a third party has access to this confidential information, the User must create another password and / or code or contact the Support Service or send an e-mail with a request to block access to the Personal Account. The risks of failing to comply with this commitment are assumed by the User.

6.3. The User must immediately (not later than twenty minutes) inform the Operator regarding a damage to the Plug by email and by calling the Support Line. If the User fails to fulfil this obligation, the Operator has the right to demand from the User compensation of the damage, regardless of the causes and circumstances of the damage to the plug.

6.4. In the event that the User violates the terms of the Agreement or the Framework Agreement, the Operator is authorized to terminate the Agreement and the Framework Agreement by prohibiting the User's access to the Personal Account or restricting the User's access to another EV Charger..

6.5. The Operator is entitled to assign the rights to collect debt from the User to any third party without the User's further consent.

7. Obligations of the Parties

7.1. If the User fails to make payment for the use of the EV Charger or makes payment in an improper manner, the Operator is entitled to demand payment.

7.2. In case of damage to the Charger or the Plug, changes in the appearance / design of the charger, including pasting with stickers, the User is obliged to pay for this, and the Operator is entitled to charge a fine in the range of 70 (seventy) AZN to 2500 (two thousand five hundred) AZN from the User's bank card..

7.3. The Operator is entitled to suspend the use of the User's bank card until the Plug is returned or the order is closed through the Order Service. The maximum limit for deducting the usage cost from the User's bank card to commission the EV charger is not established in view of the fact that the period of use is not restricted.

7.4. If the User uses the EV Charger in an incorrect position or if the User fails to follow the safety precautions specified in the Agreement, the Operator is not responsible for damage and other consequences to the property and health of the User and / or other third parties.

7.5. By accepting the terms of the Proposal and by using the EV Charger, the User guarantees that he is the bona fide owner of the phone number and the bank card that he was using when he started charging. The User assumes the risk of payment of bank card details, telephone numbers not registered in his name, as well as possible losses incurred to the bona fide owner and the User.

8. The procedure for changing the Agreement

8.1. The Operator reserves the right to unilaterally make changes / additions to the Framework Agreement and the terms of the Agreement without any special notice. This Agreement is an open and public document. The current edition is available at the following web address:

The Operator advises Users to regularly check the terms of this Agreement for ammendments and / or additions. Posting of the modified version of the Agreement and the new version of the Agreement means a Proposal to the User to change the terms of the Framework Agreement and the Agreement.

8.2. If the User takes the necessary measures to use the EV Charger during the period of validity of the new version of the Framework Agreement and / or the new terms of the Agreement, and also continues to use the EV Charger obtained before the publication of the new version of the Agreement / amendments to the previously valid version of the Agreement, such actions, the User shall be deemed to have agreed with (accepted) the amendments proposed by the Operator.

9. Dispute Resolution Procedure

9.1. To settle disputes resulting from the execution of the Agreement, an obligatory pre-trial procedure shall be established.

9.2. The period of reviewing and responding to the claim is 10 (ten) working days.

9.3. The User's claim shall contain sufficient information to identify him as a User (information provided during registration in the Application). A copy of the User's passport (pages with personal information and place of residence), as well as copies of documents confirming the fact of payment, if the User's refund is required, must be attached to the claim.

9.4. The claim must be personally signed by the User, scanned and sent to the Operator by e-mail indicated in the "Contacts" section, and at the same time in the original form through ordered mail. The e-mail sent to the Operator must contain a postcode to enable to track the delivery.

9.5. Any claim that is not sent or filed in accordance with the aforementioned guidelines will be assumed to have never been submitted.

9.6. In order to comply with the mandatory pre-trial procedure, the Operator shall send the User information regarding the need to pay the debt to the User's Personal Account. The User is considered to have received the notice (claim before the court) on the day the notice is sent by the Operator. The Operator may choose to transmit the pre-trial claim through additional channels of communication at their discretion.

9.7. If the Parties fail to resolve the dispute outside of court, in the event that other jurisdiction procedures are not established in the consumer protection law for a particular dispute, the claim may be referred to a court at the location of the Operator.

10. Other conditions

10.1. The parties recognize the legal force of the documents sent via e-mail and/or Personal Account, unless otherwise stipulated in the Agreement, they accept that these documents are equivalent to documents compiled on paper and signed by the handwritten signature of the person concerned.

10.2. Messages sent via e-mail and/or Personal Account shall be deemed to have been received by the recipient upon confirmation of receipt by the addressee or the postal service through which they were sent.

10.3. By accepting the Proposal, the User agrees to the processing of his personal information (PI), i.e.: surname, first name, patronymic (if any), gender, citizenship, date and place of birth, number of the main identity document, the date of issuance of the specified document and the issuing authority, information regarding the registration address at the place of residence (residential address), contact information to fulfill the contract (unit number of mobile radio telephone subscriber, e-mail address) by the Operator. Processing of PI involves collection of personal data during the period of validity of the Agreement, as well as within 3 (three) years from the date of termination of the Agreement, including recording, systematization, collection, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transmission (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction. The User confirms that he has been informed of the possibility of revocation of this consent.

10.4. The User confirms receiving notifications and information regarding the Operator's services by placing a checkmark in front of the phrase "I agree to receive promotional letters" and sending a message to the e-mail address indicated by the User when registering for the Personal Account. This consent is effective for an indefinite period and until Lessor receives User's notice of un-subscription from mailing.

10.5. The User may opt-out of receiving e-mail messages by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link located in each e-mail sent to the User.

10.6. The User can unsubscribe by sending a letter to the Operator's e-mail address specified in the "Contact" section or to the address specified on the Site.

11. Operator details

Charge.AZ LLC
TIN: 1007381031

Tel: +99450 887 4444

Office: Baku city, Abay Kunanbayev 47 (near Azadlig subway)

Legal Address: Baku city, Jafar Khan 28/71

The phone number of the Support Service 050 887 4444

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