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rate kW/hour - 0.26 AZN

At half speed- per half hour  - 3.9AZN (~100km range)

At full speed - per half hour rate - 7.8AZN ( ~200km range)

At full speed-per hour charge- 15.6 (60kwatt~ 400km range)

<idle fee - 0.1AZN/min >



rate- you will be billed by actual kW charged

range estimations based on 15 kWh /100km consumption, may vary depending on your EV)

half speed- when both plugs of the charger are at use simultaneously

full speed- when only one plug is at use


please return the plug to the charger as soon as you have finished charging otherwise you will be charged <idle fee> of 0.1AZN /min

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